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Phone Gain is tech blog which targets mobile phones primarily in addition to other tech matters like phone related gadgets, tablets, phablets to make it all in one place for our readers. Our blog is gaining pouplarity day by day and being shared by the people who come and read the information we post on this blog. We at Phone Gain try to provide best and accurate information to our valued users so that they can be benefitted.

In continued efforts of providing best possible information, we like to share views of other experts who do not belong to us but want to share their experience or how to guide with the readers of our blog and other people who may come here. So, in case anyone wishes to publish an article at Phone Gain, may contact us at "duh_online AT yahoo DOT com".

The aim of Phone Gain is to provide information as accurate as possible, therefore we publish articles which add values to our blog and reader's knowledge. In case you have any article or how to guide which you want to publish at Phone Gain, make sure the article satisfies below terms and conditions before you contact us.

  • The article should be UNIQUE and well RESEARCHED. We do not entertain any text which you have copied from other blogs. We also don't entertain articles which do not speak about real facts, for example everyone knows iPhone 5 have 8 megapxel camera, we reject articles which are not well researched and says iPhone 5 have 7 or 9 megapixel camera. The reviewers of the articles are tech guys having good experience, so make sure you avoid such practice.
  • The article should not be less than 700 words
  • The article should be written in perfect english having no grammatical mistakes
  • Include picture(s) if you have 

The benefit of writing at Phone Gain is you will have an opportunity to include link back to your website or social media profile which ultimately helps you gain popularity.

We also welcome volunteer article writers who want to give something to the community by mean of posting article at Phone Gain. You also may start a nice career here if make yourself noted with well written 700-1500 word articles. Good writers will gradually receive more and more benefits and offers.


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