Windows 98 in iPhone 6. Windows 95 on Samsung Gear.

As technology fans and writers, we are constantly looking forward to see new technologies, evolution and stunning engineering work. As you have seen, we are talking a lot about new operating systems and updates, most often before they are launched. However, it’s nice from time to time to see a bit of history. For instance, we had a lot of fun playing on a Windows 3.1 emulation created by a Michael and featured on Reddit.Windows98iPhone

However, the creator decided to it was time to put the project to rest. The website which hosted this fun emulation,, now reads:

“This website formerly hosted my famous HTML + JS recreation of Windows 3.1, featured on Reddit. After five years and tens of millions of hits, it was time to move on.”

However, now we have another blast from the past. A tech-wizz from China, believe it or not, installed Windows 89 on an iPhone 6. It looks like he used a legal version of iDOS to make this thing possible.

Also, a Window 95 was installed on a Samsung Gear, by a 16-year old developer (or hacker as some call him) from Georgia.

As if this wasn’t baffling enough, we can also see an Android smart-watch running Doom, the legendary shooter released back in 1993.

The first thought was “this must be an emulation”, but, by the way the things are looking, it’s the real thing.

Call us hipsters, but this stuff is really awesome.

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