Will Microsoft kill the Nokia devices running Android?

When we hear Microsoft, we instantly think software when, in fact, the company has been just as present in the hardware business for a very long time. They are now taking another huge step in this direction with the acquisition of Nokia.

Announced a few months ago, the purchase completion was reported on April 25th 2014. Microsoft will now take control of more than 90% of all Windows Phones, but they also acquired the Asha and Nokia X lines.

There is no doubt on what will happen with the Lumia handsets, but it is very interesting to see what are Microsoft’s plans with the Nokia X phone. For those of you who do not know this, Nokia X runs a “forked” version of Android. It has an UI very similar to the Windows Phone and it also runs an Android store that’s separate to Google Play.

The Nokia X is a great opportunity for Microsoft to leverage other platforms and, according to their CEO, this is exactly what they are planning to do. Nokia is still the second phone seller (after Samsung), with more than 251 million handsets sold. However, only 30 million of them were Windows Phones, therefore Microsoft cannot afford to kill a good product, even though it runs Android.

Nokia lost a lot of ground in the smartphone industry and they made a huge mistake when they created and destroyed MeeGo. They’re not the only ones though. Motorola, which was a colossus, had its share of mistakes as well. This failures did nothing but clear the way for Samsung and Apple.

The Nokia name will still exist, Microsoft buying only the “Asha” and “Lumia” trademarks, but they cannot use the “Nokia” brand on any mobile device by the end of next year (December 31st, 2015).


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