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Why We Like Wrike’s Online Tools for Project Management


Today’s business world — regardless of the industry — is task-oriented, no question about it. In a startup, tasks may seem naturally easy to handle, but once the client database grows (as we all wish) task management becomes more problematic. Poor project management leads to miscommunication, missed deadlines, and eventually, revenue loss.

There are countless solutions for this problem: mobile to-do list apps, various collaboration web apps, project management software, ERPs, CRMs, and so on. But in this saturated field of work management tools, we were absolutely surprised to see how naturally Wrike can handle this essential part of one’s business.


We are what you’d call a virtual business, with a bunch of people working from different places, even different countries. Naturally, we needed a virtual tool to support our style of work. Wrike helped us put all our projects into one online hub. We share everything from simple tasks to client information, including all our deadlines, to-do lists, objectives, and so on. Since we work for multiple clients at a time, we love how we can always get an overview on everything in progress. We can filter to see only our own tasks, or we can look at the entire team’s workload.

One very cool functionality, which we missed in similar apps, is the possibility to tag your coworkers. (A splash of social media functionality in your project management tool!) Before Wrike, our conversations had no central location — which meant you got bombarded with notifications, emails, and extra pings all over the place. By keeping all our communication in Wrike, we’re keeping 1-on-1 conversations off company-wide chat groups and email listservs. But when we need a fourth opinion, sharing a conversation on a task is as easy as writing: “Hey @Mike, can you tell us what you think about this layout?” Mike can go back and easily read the conversation without any extra copy-and-paste work on our part, or reading through confusing email threads on his part.

There’s a lot of development going on at Wrike, and it keeps getting better and better, so we’re always looking forward to more great tools within the app.

One thing to note: Wrike is less ideal for companies handling a small number of tasks, or working mostly offline. For really small companies, this app may be just a bit too much. Otherwise, we can’t find a reason why not to love it.

Sam is a Founder of Phone Gain and a technology enthusiast who enjoys writing about mobile phones, desktops, laptops, tabs and other tech stuff. He has written numerous amazing articles, How to guides and continues. In spare time he likes hangout with friends.