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Ultrapixel camera in HTC One engineered to take stunning photos in low light

In today’s world when every Smartphone manufacturer is focussing on boosting megapixels counts in smartphones, HTC outdated megapixels importance and engineered camera with reduced megapixels count using ultra advance technology that takes stunning photos in low light inside or outdoor. They termed this camera as "Ultrapixel Camera"Ultra Pixel Camera -HTC One

The Ultrapixel camera features in recently launched HTC flagship smart phone, HTC One. With a fantastic unibody design, 4.7 inches LCD 3 capacitive touch screen, robust hardware and of courses heavily advertised Ultrapixel camera, HTC One stands out of currently available smartphones and set to fight rivals that are rumoured to be launched in year 2013.

People measure camera quality generally with megapixels count. Let it be a camera exclusively or camera in any smart phone, what the general understanding among people is, more the megapixels count, greater is the quality of photos taken. But HTC don't think this way and explained that photo quality doesn't depend solely on pixels count but many other factors that play an important role to make photo sharper, less noisy and less blurry in dim light.

HTC focussed on engineering more advance CMOS sensor, ISP, optical lens system that absorbs more light than 8.0 or 13.0 megapixels camera used in latest smartphones. HTC instead of increasing megapixel count increased the size of each megapixel that reduces total no. of megapixels. The size of each pixel in HTC One Ultrapixel camera is 2.0 micron as compared to 1.4 micron in leading smartphones. Ultrapixel absorbs 300% more light according to HTC that makes photos much brighter and less noisy.

HTC One's Ultrapixel camera with f/2.0 aperture let in 44% more lights as compared to other smartphones with f/2.4 & f/2.6 aperture which helps in capturing clearer image even in dim light.

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