The iPhone 6 Plus is bending in your pocket

We are going to show you a picture that will actually hurt. At least, for us, who are just regular folks like most of you, it was pretty hurtful. Please see below and you will understand why.


We all know how much a new iPhone 6 Plus costs, so it’s pretty shocking to see one bent. There are a lot of similar pictures circulating the internet and our first instinct was to believe that it was posted by a fan of the competition (let’s just leave it at that), after going back and forth to bend one. After a second of thought, we figured: it’s actually made from Aluminum, a very malleable metal, so it is indeed possible. But how much pressure do you need to apply in order to bend it? And could this happen if you wear tight jeans? Or any jeans for that matter?

Luckily, the guys at Gizmodo had the same curiosity and they were also willing to sacrifice a brand new iPhone 6 Plus to see it. Yeah, it’s painful to see, but it’s all for science.

The answer is pretty disappointing. You can mess up a new iPhone with your bare hands. It takes some effort to bend it badly, but a slight bend that cannot be unseen… well, this can happen in your pocket. Watch the bend test below.

“From an engineering standpoint, the iPhone is an amazingly small and delicately constructed device. The only thing really contributing to the structural integrity of the iPhone 6 Plus is the thin aluminum frame that covers the back and reaches around the sides. There is also another very thin piece of steel behind the glass, but we are not working with much as far as bending strength,” said Jeremy Irons, design engineer at Creative Engineering.

What do you think. Is it acceptable for such an expensive device to bend in your pocket?

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