The iMessage Black Hole

One of the key selling points Apple has for the iPhone is the iMessage feature. For those of you who do not know what it does, we are going to explain. For example, John and Mary have both iPhones. If John send Mary an SMS, if they are both connected to the internet, the text will be converted into an iMessage and sent over the internet, not trough the telecom operator’s service. However, some operators still charge you for these so, before sending zillions of them, make sure they are indeed free.


The problems occur when Mary shuts down her internet connection. In theory, John’s text should be sent as an ordinary SMS and this happens. Sometimes. Sometimes John’s message leaves as an iMessage and Mary will receive it only when she turns on her internet connection.

But what if Mary decides to switch to a non-iOS phone? Well, now we have a big problem. If you had an iPhone and an internet connection, the text from your friends using iPhones will still be sent as iMessages only you won’t receive them and the senders won’t be notified in any way that the text was not delivered.

Apple is aware of this problem, but thus far, the company doesn’t seem eager to fix it. They do advice, however, everyone who leaves the iUniverse to deactivate their iMessages before the switch, otherwise the texts will continue to be sent over the internet for about 45 days. A month and a half could mean A LOT of lost information.

Apple was recently sued for this by Adrienne Moore, who ditched her iPhone 4 for a Samsung Galaxy S.


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