Samsung Galaxy S6 – The Story till Now

Even without touching on anything about Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung itself is a company that is getting impressive facelifts nowadays. Since its inception, nothing can be said to have gone haywire for this company because, in its every new turn of events, it manages to come up with yet another incredible device. Talking of smart phones, the company has always hit it right the nail on the head. 

In 2012, the company held the competitors hostage by releasing the S4. Everybody got really concerned and amazed at the new capabilities S4 introduced into the Smartphone world and how they changed the whole perception about smart phones. This was however just but a tip of iceberg because it will not be until in 2015 when we hopefully put our hands on the Samsung galaxy S6, that Samsung will prove its full potent when it comes to the manufacture of Smartphone. 

Come 2013, we are anticipating a better version of S4, in the name of S5 from Samsung. Rumor has it that it will be better in all aspects, compared to S4. Apart from the few critics and die hard fans who can already pin point few faults with the S4, nobody else can ever be in a position to imagine what sort of improvement S5 and S6 will bring over S4. For them, S4 is already a perfect gadget. 

Away from that, it’s important to concentrate a bit on the real gadget that will top them all. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is anticipated to be about perfection and upgrade of all Smartphone technology ever known. So far, the news and info that has leaked through about this gadget point to a gadget that will probably come with the following specs and features.

Anticipated S6 specs and features 

Reliable rumors are putting it that the external features, the processor power, the memory, the camera, the OS and the battery will see a massive up grade with the Samsung Galaxy S6. This is because apparently Samsung engineers have received the news about what clients are nowadays using smart phones for. It’s clear that scholars, researchers, journalists, musicians, religious groups, aviators, doctors and every other specialist is utilizing the gadgets to run complicated tasks. As a result, they are always asking for more capabilities with new releases and that is why these engineers have to improve S4 and S5 into an S6. 

Up to date, the most obvious fact about Samsung Galaxy S6 is that it must feature
     Android 6.0; 
     4k portable video;
     4.5” screen-OLED display;
     GravityUX and 18mp camera. 

More should definitely follow about S6 upon receiving the S5 come 2014. Moreover, on you all detailed information.