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I'm a tech enthusiats and have used almost all the smartphones from different companies running different operating systems, having different features, different designs, user interface etc. Although all the companies are good in their own but four companies that I like the most are Samsung, Apple, Sony, and HTC.

But now Nokia is also making a comeback by bringing in interesting smartphones based on Windows OS and they're becoming popular as well, for example Nokia Lumia 928 is a great success and lots of other companies are thinking about manufacturing smartphones based on windows operating system.

Samsung Galaxy S5



As of today, the company that have won my heart by release of stunning smartphone is Samsung. Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 was a great success and the recently launched galaxy series smartphone S4 have won heart of lots of people with its interesting design, features, easy to use interface, camera and robust hardware system. 

Although S4 is a great success but according to some tech blogs I came to know that the sales of G4 has gone down. If that is the case, Samsung may think about launching of much rumoured flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 this year itself.

If we see release trend of galaxy series smartphones, it clearly shows that Samsung follows annual release cycle for the release of new galaxy smartphone. The first flagships smartphone, i.e. Samsung Galaxy was released back in June 2010 and its successor (galaxy s2) was released after one year, i.e. in April 2011 (10 months actually). The South Korea based tech giant kept on following same release cycle and they released Galaxy S3 in May 2012 followed by Galaxy S4 in April 2013.

So if they continue to follow the same cycle, I can predict that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be announced during CES conference generally held in January each year. Once it is announced in January 2014, we can expect that will be released in the market for purchase by April/May 2014.

Specification –

I have not much information about specification but according to the rumours, Galaxy S5 will have a completly new flexible body design due to its bigger size and will feature 20 MP camera. I haven't heard much about the hardware as well but there are chances that S5 will feature much advanced version, it could run 16 core instead of octo as in SGS4.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date-

Look at the release date trend of Galaxy series smartphones:

  1. Samsung Galaxy – June 2010
  2. Samsung Galaxy S2 – April 2011
  3. Samsung Galaxy S3 – May 2012
  4. Samsung Galaxy S4 – April 2013
  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 – May/April 2014 (expected)

​So if Samsung follows the same trend, I can predict that Samsung Galaxy S5 will hit the market sometime during April/May 2014. 

Price – 

I believe the price set for Galaxy S5 will be slightly higher as compare to what they had set for Galaxy S4 when it was launched. It may fall under the price range of $700-$800 depending upon the locations.

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