Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 releasing 2014

There is good news for Samsung smartphone fans that upcoming flagship smartphone Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, both would be releasing in 2014 only and it has been confirmed by few web sources. 


Both the new Samsung smartphone would be defining the new standards of high end smartphone which will include 3GB / 4GB RAM and Ultra High Definition display and all set of new sensors. According to available information, Galaxy S5 would carry 3GB RAM and similar RAM standard was seen in Galaxy Note 3 which is a really a worth device to have but its price is pretty tricky. Another creation Galaxy Gear wrist device comes with note 3 but similar device would not join the hands with S5 and S6. Gear would be officially limited to Note 3. Still you would have the choice to use it with your future Galaxy devices. 

HTC One was the very first smartphone that carried Ultra Pixel (4MP) rear facing sensor and the quality of the whole camera was pretty impressive and was comparable to 13MP and 8MP standard camera. However later this technology was not seen in any of the smartphone and but recently leaked ISOCELL Samsung sensor has brought the interest again in Ultra Pixel camera and available information shows, next Galaxy smartphone would carry Ultra Pixel sensor (rated 8MP) so, you can expect the quality which would be comparable to 15 – 20 MP standard camera. Moreover, Galaxy S6 would take this standard to next generation with its next generation Ultra Pixel camera. 

Just few days back, something official was told to the Korean times by Samsung giants that Galaxy S5 is coming next Jan 2014 and of course competition pressure has forced Samsung. Galaxy S4 has lost in the market after arrival of lots of powerful smartphone including Apple’s new iPhone 5S. And similar scenario could be seen with S5 also. So, the most probably Samsung would schedule Galaxy S6 smartphone release in the late 2014.

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