Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Is it worth waiting for?

Hoping that the Apple news haven’t completely stolen Samsung’s thunder, we are now turning our attention to pretty intriguing piece of technology announced by Sammy earlier this month: the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

It won’t be long until the Galaxy Note 4 will be available in stores, but, if you were hoping the Edge will follow soon, we must disappoint you. According to the available information, the device will roll out at the end of October, but only in South Korea. Unlike the flagships, it will not be a global launch and some places in the world might very well have to wait until 2015.


Should you wait for the Galaxy Note Edge?

This device is truly unique and beautiful, but let’s see if it’s worth waiting for or, instead, go for the Note 4.

First of all, if you are left handed, perhaps you shouldn’t buy it. The unique folded side of the phone is on the wrong side for the left handed people. However, the device is fully flippable. Nice solution, Samsung, but it’s pretty weird to have the home button up.

The folded part is, indeed, pretty interesting, but is it truly necessary? Well, not really. Not enough to justify the price anyway. One thing that’s pretty cool though, is that the lip works independently of the main screen.

We are not going to go through the specs in detail, as many of them can be found on other devices, but we will mention an interesting one: the S Pen, which is very welcomed.


Unfortunately, Samsung says this is a limited device which means, of course, it’s very niche. We don’t know exactly what the price will be, but it’s going to be pretty expensive. So yeah, it’s a great device, it’s innovative and gorgeous, but perhaps you should go for the Note 4 if you don’t have the patience, will and money to wait and try to get the Edge.

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