Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature long distance wireless charging

Every week the rumor web for the Galaxy Note 4 is getting bigger and here is all new rumor stating that, Note 4 would be the very first Samsung smart device to feature long distance wireless charging. At present, there exist a few similar solutions for the wireless charging in the smartphones but all are limited to negligible distance wireless charging.

The present Wireless charging techniques in smartphone are based on a charging platform where smartphone is kept and without connecting the charging port to the smartphone, it start getting charged because of electricity induction laws. Now Samsung could take this technology to next level with the launch of Galaxy Note 4 in 2014.  


Presently Nokia, LG and Apple are few of the brands that have already taken their smart devices to the taste of Wireless charging. In near future, brands rather than Samsung can bring better solutions to the market but according to the latest rumor, the range of upcoming Wireless technology charging scheme of Samsung is different from others and it might bring a revolution to the market. 

ET Times has also commented that Samsung is working on wireless charging methods that would be based on magnetic resonance and in the few months this project would be completed, also rumors are suggesting Galaxy Note 4 would be first to get this technology. 

The present wireless charging technology of course has limitations as discussed above. Rather than the limitation of few mm distance, the higher cost of wireless dock is another limitation. Last year, Nokia brought it to the world for very first time with Lumia 920 and later it launched the improved versions as well. But still things are same; Smartphone geeks need a revolution and which Samsung might bring in the future. 

The rumors list of Galaxy Note 4 is not just limited to long distance wireless charging technology but also other rumors like, 64-bit true Octa-Core processor; 4GB RAM and 2K resolution UHD display are making Galaxy Note 4 already a popular device. For more information you can log on to blog, where you will find all the interesting news and updates of Note 4 phablet.