Samsung Galaxy Alpha launched on August 4th

There were countless rumors surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha and many of them were talking about the date when this device will be unveiled. According to this leaks, the date should have been August 13th, 2014, but we have new information.

Apparently, this device is set to be launched sooner than anyone expected. To be more exact, we are now expecting it on August 4th.


This new date will allow the device to be center of attention for a full month, until the new Galaxy Note 4 will appear (somewhere in September, 2014).

According to the Samsung blog the new Alpha has a body that’s at least partially made of metal. This will be the first time Samsung is using metal for an Android device. We also get some information confirming the 4.7” or 4.8” display we were all expecting.

Apparently, the device has all the features necessary to make it high-end. We are talking about fingerprint scanning, nano SIM and a pretty good internal memory (32 GB).

In an update, Sammobile announced that this is probably not the final design and the glossy metal will probably be replaced by a matte version. The same update suggests that the resolution of the display will, in fact, be 720p.

According to these leaks, it’s safe to assume this device will be a great competitor for the Apple devices.

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