Rumors of Sony Xperia Z3 Release Date, Features And Specification

The next generation of Sony Xperia is going to be released soon and it is expected to be out in the month of August this year. The company generates a stiff competition to their rivalries and it is expected that the company is going to do well this time also. The official release date of Sony Xperia Z3 is not announced yet but there is a huge buzz going on the web regarding the Sony handset.


Xperia Z3


Price of Xperia Z3

It is expected that price of the phone is going to be six hundred dollars but these are speculations and is based on the specification of phone. This phone is definitely going to be a high-end phone but will come in cheaper price as compared to its competitors like iPhone 6, Samsung galaxy note 4, and LG G3. It has been announced that the launch is going to be in August. There are plenty of blogs and websites where users can read about their different ideas about the phone weighing its pros and cons. It is being anticipated that Z2 is going to fail if new series will be launched, as the company was in this business for a very long time.

Apple fans are sticking to their devices because of the exclusive apps and amazing features. But no user sticks to one type of phone for a very long time.  Customers want different designs, features in their phones and they keep on waiting for new versions. It is expected that next generation is not going to disappoint people. On the other hand there is nothing which today’s Smartphone can not do especially if they are high end phones.  As the time is moving people are getting wiser. In coming times people will choose Smartphone, which includes quality phones, affordable and cheaper.

Specifications of Z3

·       The phone might be having

·       A 4 K display with 5.5 inch screen

·       4.4 kitkat OS

·       6GB RAM

·       3700mAh battery

·       Micro USB 3.0

·       Wi-Fi

The phone is going to have a quad core processor, which means high performance. The design of the phone is expected to be different and convincing from the previous versions. There are some impressing features, which people will get with Sony Xperia Z3. The phone might have finger print sensor for security and protection, high quality picture and video quality and much more. The phone will be available in the month of august till then people will have to wait and make mind from these assumptions.