Phorce – The Bag That Charges Your Mobile

The Perfect Bag for Those Always on the Road: Phorce – The Bag That Charges Your Mobile

All modern travelers run into the same problem: as they spend more time on the road, their gadgets – cameras, phones, and what-have-yous – all begin to lose power. While many will welcome this escape from technology (and it could very well be the reason why you’re heading out into the wilderness anyway), our mobile phones and gadgets are undoubtedly important to us.


Gaming Realms, parent company of mobile gaming website PocketFruity, said that growth in mobile internet was one of the strongest trends on the tech landscape, and that there were 1 billion smartphone users by the end of 2012. This year, latest statistics show that we can expect the total number of smartphone users to climb to 1.75 billion. With everyone using their phones so much, it’s no surprise that there are some people who’ve set out to solve every mobile-related problem we could possibly have – including losing battery while out on the road.

Enter Phorce, a wonderful project that launched on Kickstarter in 2012. Phorce is “A bag that charges all your devices, communicates with your smartphone, and transforms from a messenger, to a backpack, or briefcase.” To put things simply, Phorce is a bag that houses a lightweight battery pack that has the power to charge mobile phones 5 times over. But it doesn’t just power mobile phones – as long as a device charges via USB, Phorce can take care of it. It has enough outlets for 3 different gadgets to be charged at the same time. It comes in two variants: Pro (€549 for PC, €599 for Mac, €649 for PC and Mac), which has more power and is ideal for those who are always on the go, and Freedom (€199), a more affordable version that doesn’t skimp on the power either.

With Phorce being so lightweight and roomy enough for several gadgets, it’s a great investment for the modern traveler. No more worrying about getting stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone, or not being able to capture a perfect moment because your camera’s died. With Phorce, you can take all your gadgets with you, and always have them fully charged.

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