Nexus 6 Fix To Reach On Google IO 2014: 5 Main Specifications

Nexus 5 possessed, as well as yet include, fairly an existence in the mobile market. The gadget is yet one of the most popular and looked after mobile devices in the marketplace and it appears as things will remain that way for several instances of time in order to come, except the following Smartphone of the Nexus series come from somewhere in the market. Talking about the next series of the Nexus Smartphone popping up online, the gadget, however, yet in its expected state, has been detected time and once more time owing to the various leaks, speculations and rumors associated with it.


Realistically talking, to date, complete details on the release date of the Nexus 6 or whether Google and LG will unite together once more time to create the modern Smartphone of the Nexus are scarce. Although, following the huge achievement of the Nexus 5, enthusiasts are expecting that its descendant will introduce prior to the recent year comes to an end. Take a closer appearance at the top specifications associated with this device:Nexus 6

1.Operating system

Once Nexus 5 reached, it unlocked a world of chances with the commencement of the Android KitKat OS. At present, with the next series of the Nexus apparently on the prospect, suppositions are widespread that this new device Nexus 6 will also available with a new version of the Android OS.


The following next Nexus device is hoping to arrive that supports a 5.2’’ QHD display screen, which was previously demonstrated for the LG G3 in the previous times. If the following device remains with the fashion of larger display screens, then this device is expected to have an even bigger display screen.


The next device is easily rumored to arrive that supports a RAM size, which will be larger than its antecedent. Interestingly, a RAM of 4GB is on the tags. Even though, all such things will be verified with the official release of the gadget. But for at present, everything needs to be acquired with a bit of salt.

4.Fingerprint sensors

It is also expected that the Nexus 6 will include the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S by adding a feature named as a fingerprint sensor.

5.Date of releasing

This expectation is fairly the anonymous because there are no confirmed reports about the release date of this upcoming device. But going by the past launches for its antecedents in October month, an October month will be the release date for this device.