Motorola Moto X+1 – An odd device

They say you cannot judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a phone based on its exterior look? Most definitely!

Android Police released one of the biggest leaks related to the much expected Moto X+1. In the very detailed set of images posted by them, we are to see the ‘near final prototype’ which, to be honest, looks a bit odd.

Since Motorola Mobility was, until the beginning of 2014, part of Google (later on bought by Lenovo), we see a strong resemblance to last year’s flagship, the Moto X. However, there are some novelties that struck us.

First of all, there is the wooden removable cover that caught our eye. The wood-plastic combination is so strange that it might work wonderfully or fail miserably. It’s that kind of thing that either makes you adore it, or truly hate it. No gray tones. If we look back to the previous leaks, Everleaks tweeted that Motorola will offer 25 color options for this new model.



Another aspect seen in these pictures comes more as a confirmation. According to older, yet credible rumors, the Moto X+1 will have a 5.1 inch display. This recent leak from Android Police reinforces those statements.


There are two very interesting aspects though. We are talking about the dual speakers in the front and the dual LED flash in the rear.



moto1   moto 2


We are expecting this device to be launched at the end of August 2014.   

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