Motorola gives you up to $300 for your old phone

When launching a new flagship, companies want to keep their customers loyal and create a fanbase. But this is just half of the story. They are also trying to convert other users, and that’s why we see so many aggressive marketing techniques.

As you all know, Motorola was once a giant. But having the monopoly in the US made the company a bit lazy. While others were busting their brains creating something truly innovating, Motorola was not doing much. They lost a lot of their customers and, of course they want the back. And more than that.

Will they manage to do that with the new buyback project? Let’s see what that’s all about.

Motorola is offering a prepaid card worth up to 300$ for turning in an old handset and buy the Motorola Moto X or Motorola Moto G.

You first need to go to the Motorola Trade In website, and get a quote for your phone. You will be asked several questions about it and its condition. Naturally, the older the phone is and the more damage it has sustained, the lesser funding you will receive.


After this, all you have left to do is purchase your new Moto and send your old phone in maximum 30 days. You will then receive a pre-paid Visa card in the mail.

Please note: The deal is good only for products purchased from the Moto Maker site.


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