It’s official: Microsoft and Nokia are breaking up

Last month, an internal Microsoft document leaked and surfaced on the Internet. Geeks on Gadgets reported on the identity crisis Microsoft had concerning Nokia and Windows Phone, shown by the memo which was later on verified by The Verge.

According to the memo, Microsoft would change the promotional language once the holiday season approaches. They were set to drop words like “Nokia” and “Windows Phone”. Instead,  they would use “Lumia” and simply “Windows”.


If this was a great indicator towards the Microsoft-Nokia breakup, now it’s official.

Nokia confirmed for The Verge that the change is official. Well, this means that we won’t see a Nokia Lumia in the future, but a Microsoft Lumia.

What will become of Nokia? Well, don’t expect the brand to disappear completely, but don’t expect the logo on any new device either.

Microsoft France will be the first to make the change to Microsoft Lumia and they will do it across all the platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

When Microsoft bought Nokia, we weren’t actually expecting them to keep it up with the brand. At last, Microsoft only bought the prone business from the Finnish company, and they never hid the fact that they are intending to make it their own. Really their own.

When Microsoft acquired Nokia, part of the deal was that Microsoft would be able to manage the Nokia website and all their social accounts for one year. The Nokia website soon started redirecting the customers to Microsoft owned pages, such as Every move Microsoft made afterwards was in the direction of ditching the nokia brand, but also the “Phone” in “Windows Phone”.

What can we say? So long Nokia, we’ll miss you!


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