Lookout’s crusade against phone stealing

If you are a smartphone fan or even addict, what’s the worst thing that could happen to you? Not having one any more, of course. Whether you break it, brick it or it gets stolen, the result will be the same. Probably anger and desperation.

Lookout are dedicated to mobile security and, in today’s article, we are going to talk about their crusade against phone thieves.

According a study carried by Lookout, these are the top places where your phone could get stolen:

  • Restaurants – 16%
  • Bars and clubs – 11%
  • At work – 11% (We are quite surprised here)
  • Public transportation – 6%
  • Street – 6%

The company has create an intelligent way to detect if the phone is in someone else’s possession. The system is based on detecting certain triggers (which are customisable by each user). Thieves tend to have a pattern in their behaviour. Some of these triggers are turning off the device, full wipe, SIM card removal etc. The software sends email alerts to inform you what’s happening. The best thing is that you also get a “selfie” of your perpetrator along with all the information including the last known location.

For iPhone users this is nothing new. “Find my iPhone” is a free service that allows you to locate, turn off, wipe or ring your phone. Furthermore, you cannot remove the battery and the device has a unique serial number so it will continue to emit and the thief can no nothing about it. The Police often say that “The worst idea someone could have is to steal an iDevice”. The team al Lookout admits Apple’s software served as inspiration: "Every single time a new version of iOS comes out, we are always taking it apart and figuring out all the new stuff, and that's where a lot of these new feature ideas come out of."


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