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iPhone6 Plus – All you need to know about this high end Smartphone

It is only phone that got bigger; iPhone 6 plus comes with the latest operating system release from Apple that is iOS 8. It is one of the best mobile operating system ever that has made to a huge leap too. This new operating made for new potential and utilities that let people do anything that they can imagine earlier like health and fitness applications to the communications application with the doctor. Using the new operating system, developers now have deeper access and more additional tools to give additional new amazing features to the applications. It looks very good with retina display of the phone.

The new operating system, full of features that allow every experience improved. The operating system comes with the features like Message using which now people can tap to add voice or video to any of the message they going to send People can even share location, name their group chats, mute or exit the conversation anytime they like. Health applications are for the health and fitness which can talk to each other internally for people assistance. It gives the result of fitness activity in very simple way on dashboard.iphone-6-concept-2

Family sharing allows six member of the family to share purchases from iBooks, iTunes and App store without sharing any account information. People can give access to the loves ones through this. The new iPhone-6 plus also comes with new smartest keyboard ever.  Each generation of iPhone comes with latest hardware and interesting features, so next iPhone which said to be called iPhone 7 will be even better. The iPhone 7 release date is assumed to be sometime in September 2015 with latest iOS 9. Since the first launch of iPhone, the new smarter keyboard improved a lot. People can tap to select the preferred suggestion word. Like never before, people can use third party keyboard on their iPhone. The new iPhone smarter keyboard predict the conversation you are going to have no matter if it official conversation or with friends or any other person. According to the conversation, the new smarter keyboard will give a predicted words while you are typing on the keyboard that eventually help you to increase the typing speed.

iCloud drive allows people to store any file, presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, images, videos and much more. After storing data from an iPhone, people can access these files anytime on their phone from any location as well as with Mac or PC, iPad, iPod and more. Notifications allow people to take actions on text, calendar, emails, reminders, invitations and even messages directly from apps notification banners without even leaving the current application you are operating. With the launch of new operating system, it comes with collections of new applications.

People can get various applications for editing photos on the go, creating playlist and so on. Operating system also comes with built-in applications that are specially optimized for taking advantage of fastest A8 chip from apple. Along with built-in application, people can choose from over one million applications from App store online. There is an application available for everyone that can be used at any point of time and anywhere as long as people have connectivity over the phone. With the new operating system start your work on the iPhone and finish it on your Mac or iPad.

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