iPhone vs. Samsung – Is Sammy winning?

According to a study published by GSM Arena, the answer is yes. Samsung seems to have the cutting edge in a battle that always seemed to favor the other party. 

According to this study conducted in UK, 26% of the total number of new Samsung Galaxy S5 users are iOS dropouts. This is a huge increase compared to the last year's new adoption rate (plus 12%). However, in the US, only 5% of the iPhone users were converted and changed migrated to the other "religion" – Android.


Apparently, iPhone users are tired of waiting for a device with a larger screen. You've witnessed many iRumours on our website, so you should know that Apple is planning a bigger screen for the new iPhone 6, this making things even more interesting.

But don’t worry for Apple’s sake, both iPhone 5c and 5s were sold better than the Galaxy S5 in the UK, occupying the first two positions in the bestseller top. 

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