iPhone 6 – Rumors keep rolling out

Since the Apple’s fan-base is so big (understatement, of course), the community gets very vocal when it comes to discussing the next generation smartphone – iPhone 6. There are so many news and rumors that flood the internet, it’s almost impossible to read every bit of information and further on asses if it’s credible or not. And, as we already know, the internet is full of lies.

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We sorted out the information so you don’t need to bust your brain. Here’s what we believe to be true in relation to iPhone 6:

Release date.

We already established in one of our previous articles that the launch is very likely to happen somewhere in September 2014. Many fans were expecting the handset to hit the shelves in 2013. Haven’t you learned anything from 3G until now? Apple makes half-steps with the “S” models and now, even a wild “C” one appeared.

Major changes.

Yes, we believe there will be a substantial change, as you will read further on.


We already discussed the size here, but we also believe it is very likely to have a sapphire display on the new model. We know dropping the iPhone became one very “popular” nightmare, but, with this technology, the device will be very resistant to both shock and scratching.

This is very plausible, especially since the TouchID sensor (fitted on iPhone 5S) uses sapphire crystal.

Full HD resolution? Not really.

But it will be better than the 326ppi we can find on the 5S. Allegedly, the 4.7” model will have a 416ppi density and the phablet (5.5”) will have 355ppi.

So yes, it’s very unlikely to have a full HD display. It would be great, of course, but it probably won’t happen.

It will be slimmer.

Well, we are pretty certain it will be. With the latest technological improvements (LED Backlight tech.), it seems natural.

One thing that’s 100% certain? Price.

It won’t be cheap. We guarantee it.

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