iPhone 6 rumors – How big will it be?

With the release of the iPhone 6 expected in September 2014, rumors surrounding the new device continue to accelerate. While some of the information is absolutely unfounded, there are sufficient “legitimate” leaks to form a general idea on how the new Apple phone will look like.

The aspect most often discussed by the specialized media is the screen size. Most sources place the display somewhere between 4.7” and 5.5”. This way, Apple brings the iPhone in line with its Android and Windows competitors. The smartphone is also expected to be very thin: 6mm.

Most bets are on the 4.7” display, which, allegedly, will be partly supplied by a Taiwanese manufacturer, rather than Samsung Electronics and Sharp Corporation. However, an A8 processor is expected from Samsung for the iPhone 6.

Other rumors say that both sizes will hit the market. While the iPhone will have, indeed, a 4.7” screen, the same source dares to say the 5.5” device will be called “iPhablet”. If this is true, it would be hilarious. Not the device, the name itself. There is no information on where Apple would turn for the displays.

The Japanese magazine MacFan posted alleged iPhone 6c models:


Although no one know for sure if there will be, in fact, two models, it is quite likely considering the Apple’s dual strategy.

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