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iPhone 6 out on September 9th. Is the large version delayed?

Wild guess, which is the single most expected smartphone of 2014? Yes, it’s the iPhone 6 and the fans are almost religious about it. The good thing though is that we don’t have much time to wait.

The iPhone 6 launch date is September 9th. The company posted just this teaser:


No, Apple, you love building the suspense, so you don’t wish you could have said more. However, with all the rumors, we kind of know what we can expect, and that’s the iPhone 6 in both 4.7” and 5.5” versions.

The iWatch is also expected to be unveiled at on September 9th. This wearable device will have a flexible screen and a strap that snaps around the hand. Of course, it will connect with the iPhone.

If the iWatch might not make it to the shelves until 2015, we are expecting the new iPhone to be in stores ASAP. Judging by the last year’s launch, the 5S and went on sale just 10 days after the official launching. Some operators are already informing their customers the iphone is coming on September 19th. That remains to be seen.

Now, some rumors, if they turn out to be true, might sadden you. Apparently, the larger version has some issues and its release will be delayed. “We think the 5.5-inch model will also have issues with the yield rate of in-cell touch panel and color unevenness of metal casing. Indeed, these problems will likely be even more complicated with a larger size. We are conservative about 5.5-inch iPhone launching by end-2014. Even if the product is launched in 2014, it is likely to take place after mid-4Q14, which is later than the September-October of consensus, with shipments being lower than consensus of 15- 20mn units,” sais Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

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