iOS Vs Android – Checkout interesting points

I got a request from my regular user to write a post to compare iOS and Android so that he could know which one out of these two big operating systems is better. Well, its all depend on the features that a user wants in its smartphone's operating system. Both the operating system are the best in their own and it is not really possible to declare who wins over other. Both the software have their own features, different user interface and ability to rule the smartphone industry. I am going to discuss a few points on both the operating systems which can help you select a smartphone. 

iOS Vs apple


iOS upgrades are usually available to all iOS devices.

In case of Android phone manufacturers may not advance the latest versions of Android for all the tablets and phones


iOS is accessible on apple devices only.

Android devices are available at different price points, sizes and hardware proficiencies. This concludes that iOS is more expensive when it comes to using equivalent hardware.


iOS phone application has several aptitudes which comprises of replying to a phone call with a tinned text message instead of answering. It also includes a mode called Do Not Disturb. In case of Android it helps the user to send one among the number of unruffled texts as autoreplies when declining a call.


iOS does not provide a natural way to text message or to chat with the non-Apple users.

In case of Android it provides user to log on to GTalk for prompt or immediate messages. Apple users need to use iMessage or apps from Google For GTalk.


iOS allows only users to interact with other Apple devices when it uses Face time, which places video calls over both Wi-Fi and 3G. In case of Android it uses GTalk for video chat over one among Wi-Fi or 3G.


iOS uses Siri, a voice based simulation assistant, to comprehend and react to both notation as well as enunciated commands. It includes features like reserving seat at restaurant, timings of the movies of a local theatre, scheduling calendar events and getting direction through car audio and navigation interface.

Android has an additional feature than the above mentioned features of keeping track of your schedule which you have enabled in your calendar and to do tasks and also give vocal reminders when to leave for the scheduled work.


The iOS map application version beated the android version in every sector i.e. features, design and ease in use when Google launched it in 2012. When Apple launched its own mapping app with iOS6 which was hustled with every iOS device, it was highly criticized. There are various apps which are available for both like Waze, Google Maps and Bing.


A web browser named Safari is used by iOS. In case of Android it uses Google Chrome. Google Chrome and Safari both browsers are similar in eminence and aptitudes. The main difference lies that Safari is not accessible in Android whereas Google Chrome is also accessible for iOS.


iOS is cohesive with Facebook which allows the users to upload images and update themselves from various applications, synchronize their contacts with Facebook and any events get automatically updated in your iOS devices.

In case of Android it is Facebook friendly and it allows the user to upload and update them from several applications and to take contact details from friends on Facebook.


iOS is built with an app which provides passbook which takes care of all credit or debit card, tickets and rewards since there is no mobile payment feature.

In case of Android it uses Google Wallet which allows mobile payments. 

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