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iOS 7 coming this fall – check out design and latest features

While iOS 7 is yet to feature in devices officially, lots of tablets and iPhones are already runing beta software. It is pretty much more that people are using iOS 7 beta software as compare to iOS 6 which was relaesed last year. Many tech sites have confirmed that they are recieving good amount of visitors from iOS 7 beta devices. There seems to be lots of excitement amoung people and we feel that iOS7 turn out to be the most advanced and user friendly iOS.

The iOS7 is coming this fall and as rumoured the new iPhone (iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 whatever it will be called) will be running on the same. iOS7 is designed in such a way that you need not to assimilate to the technology and it turn out to be more than just a device. The experience is dynamic and feisty in many startling yet impeccably natural ways. Also check out Latest Android OS

Apple iOS 7



It’s one of the feature include CONTROL CENTRE which gives you easy and fast access to the controls and apps. Just swipe up from any screen to switch to various modes Airplane mode, Wi-Fi on or off, adjusting display’s brightness. Apple has provided a new flashlight through which you can even gleam a light on various modes.

Notification is yet another interesting feature of Apple iOS7.It let you know about your new email, missed calls, to-dos and much more. The new feature which makes it more interesting is TODAY which gives you a brief of, well, today. At a glance on you will come to know if you will need an umbrella, or when you will travel will traffic slow you down or not, or if there is someone’s birthday. Notification Centre can be accessed from any screen including the lock screen by just swiping it down and get up to speed. TODAY feature helps you by giving a summary as to what you need to know about for the day and a glance at tomorrow.

Another feature which makes it different is the MULTITASKING. It has always been a clever way to shift amid apps but now it’s even more nifty.iOS7 knows when you want to use your apps and it update it before you unveil them. So when you have a habit of checking your favorite app every morning say at 10a.m., your feed will already be ready and waiting for you. That what makes iOS7 different from others.

CAMERA in iOS7 you a license to be artistic in whichever way you want. With just aswipe , you can capture whatever you want much faster as its puts all your shooting formats at front and centre. The new feature of filters lets you do more with each and every image and you can experiment it.

Now there are easier, faster and more innovative ways to spool down the memory lane. Now there is smart grouping of your images and videos depending on time and place of each and every year of your trips and in that also there are various moments which can be found from anywhere without spending much time. The iCloud feature helps you to share photos with your best friends, family by creating photo stream, and it appears on everyone’s iOS gadgets automatically.

AIR DROP is another amazing feature which helps you share photos, videos quickly anything from any app using share button just tap it and share with the person you want to and air drop completes the rest by using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and transferring is fully encrypted so whatever you share is fully secure.

Yet another feature which looks much more promising is Siri in iOS7. It gives a new look, sound and capabilities. It features a redesigned interface that dwindles into view on top of whatever is on your screen.Its faster at answering questions and it even do some more tasks like playing voice mails , controlling iTune radio and much more.

Another most important and good feature is ACTIVATION LOCK. When an iOS7 gadget is lost or stolen and if anyone tries to disable it smartphone will get locked and will only be unlocked with correct Apple ID credentials.

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