How to check android OS for an update

It is always good to stay updated with latest version of android operating system (herein after "OS") so that you could enjoy all the latest features however it is not always very easy to update unless you are a tech savvy or have clear instructions ready with you on how to update. Staying update with latest software is good from security point of view and to keep you abreast of latest features the new update may have. In this article I'll be taking you through the step wise process to update an android OS. I'll make it very simple so that anyone (newbie) could follow and update their android device's OS easily.

Before we update operating system of any machine, let it be your desktop computer, laptop or your smartphone running different operating systems (for ex. iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows), it is always a good habit to take backup so that in case of any mishappening, you can restore. Although we follow all the steps correctly, it doesn't work well for all (rare chances) and the people who don't have their backup plan (backup of your data) are left with scratching hair. It's a drawback of this ultra high technology, things which work well for my android smartphone may not work for others (although very less chances but yes possibilities are there, so having backup is always advisable).

Android OS

You may take backup of your android smartphone using any preferred method or by making use of backup app available feely at Google Play. Also make sure you are connected with WiFi and not using 2G/3G/4G data plan as the update may require transfer data more than mobile data plan limit. You may incur huge charges if update crosses data plan limit as your mobile phone data service providing company will start multiplying charges after a limit. 

So now I assume you have taken backup. Follow below steps to check android OS for an update. Note that this method will not work for Samsung devices, it is explained separately below. 

Check for an Update

Step 1. Switch off your android device and turn it on after 10 seconds.

Step 2. Go to the menu and select "Settings".

Step 3. Scroll down and look for "About Phone/device".

Step 4. Now select "System Update". Once you press it, it will start search for an update. This process may take sometime, so leave your device till you see further notice. If there is no update, you will be notified accordingly.

Step 5.If there is any update, your will see the option "Install now". Press it! This may take sometime depending upon the size of the new update, rest your device on the table till it finishes.

Step 6. Restart it.


For Samsung Devices

For Samsung device users, they have to setup an account to update. Do the following for setting up account. Go to setting > Accounts & Sync >Add account > Samsung account. Once you select "Samsung account, it will ask for email and password. Provide the necessary information and you are done with setting up Samsung account.

After you done with setting up Samsung account. Go to settings > about phone/device > software update > update. Click ok and allow device to take its time. Once done, restart your device.

Congratulations, you have successfully updated your android OS, it is now using the latest Operating system!

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