Google Maps – Massive Update in iOS

When the much expected Apple iOS7 emerged, in all the euphoria created, there was something everyone made fun of – the Apple Maps app. While this, in fact, is not the most fortunate app, Apple users don’t have anything to worry about as long as they can download Google Maps from the App Store and, most importantly, they can do it for free.

While Apple are groping in the dark, Google seems to do their job damn well. On May 5th (2014), Google Maps received a huge update in iOS, one that set the bar so high that it’s very difficult to even get close to.

So what’s new?

Lane guidance

This feature, which is quite common on dedicated GPS devices, was much expected by those who prefer navigating with the help of their smartphones. This feature is not available in Apple Maps (of course it’s not).


For the moment, on Google Maps, this feature is available only in US, Canada and Japan.

Offline Maps

Offline maps were always Google’s thing, but now, there is a specific in-app option that allows you to “save maps to use offline”, making it a whole lot easier to keep track of your saved routes.

New filters

The app has gained a new set of filters as well. When searching places or points of interest, you can now refine your search by opening hours, ratings, price etc.

Uber Integration

If you have the Uber app installed, you can now compare your route with transit/walking directions directly from Google Maps. This featured was somewhat expected since the Uber has financial backing from Google Venture.

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