Fruit Ninja – An amazing android game app

If you are fond of arcade and action games, Fruit Ninja android game app is the one who can keep you entertained for hours or even for whole day. With great graphics, sounds and ability to keep people engaged for hours, Fruit Ninja so far secured thousands of downloads till now and the no. is growing with fast peace.  

A great time killer application Fruit Ninja, which is freely available for download on platforms like android, iOS, Symbian, xbox was developed by HalfBrick studios and released on 21st April, 2010. Its genre is Arcade and is a single and multi-player game.Fruit Ninja GAme app

It can best be played and enjoyed on iPad and xBox. Fruit Ninja starts with fruits being sliced with a blade one at a time. The game initially starts at a slow pace and eventually speeds up by increasing number of fruits and the speed at which fruits are being popped up.

Fruits are sliced with the help of sliding a finger on the screen to give it a slicing motion. Multiple fruits can be sliced in one swipe also. Players can miss only three fruits in one game. After the third miss, the game ends then and there itself.

To confuse the player and increase the difficulty level, along with fruits bombs are also popped so as when the fruits are being sliced, the bomb shall not be sliced but avoided. Once a bomb is sliced, the game gets over. The interface of this game is beautifully designed to give it a fruity look.

For selecting an option, a player is supposed to slice a fruit. Options are all in the form of fruits. To have a change in the blade style, the extras offer the player to trade in points for newly designed blades. The player also trades points for special powers out of which few are elimination of bombs, extra lives etc.

The game app uses the location of the player to show them stores where they go and buy Starfruits however the other senstive informations like phone no., name, address and other personally identifiable informations aren't collected. There are plenty of arcade and actions android game apps at Google play like Temple run, Subway Surfer etc but Fruit Ninja is one of my favorite and I use to play it often. In case anyone doesn't have android smartphone and feel sad that he/she isn't able play it, one can get this app for PC as well. 

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