Blackberry messenger on Android and iOS

There was an excitement seen among the users when Blackberry announced its upcoming app named BLACKBERRY MESSENGER service on iOS and Android. After this unusual move from Blackberry users were eager to capitalize on that as early as possible. Early June there were rumors as to the launching of BLACKBERRY MESSENGER SERVICES but the application could not materialize it.

Besides that many users were conned by a fake Black Berry Messenger app available on Google play. This led to downloading of the fake app and users got misled.

When the BBM service will be launched they will not provide all the features for iOS and Android. You will be able to use iOS apps only if you have iOS6 device and in case of Android if you have 4.0ICS.

Android and iOS will receive only the BLACKBERRY MESSENGER experience whereas Blackberry 10 will still be the foremost platform for messaging services.

Blackberry messenger

The new application consists of voice note sharing, multi person chats and blackberry groups.

In a world like this it is not at all simple for blackberry where 90 percent of 100percent smartphones are dispatched on any one of Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android to make a market for himself but still the company has user friendly people in IT departments on whose hope continuing to clinch the two main daises.

Data is been secured both when kept on the device and when transferred to and from enterprise servers.

Blackberry is struggling to make its grip in the smartphone world having spent almost whole 2012 designing its Blackberry10 operating system the company has lost many of its users to iOS and android.

 Now the new application Whatsapp has emerged as a major communication platform and is hugely popular and at this moment it has much more market than BBM. Therefore Blackberry is hoping to gain its market back by introducing BLACKBERRY MESSENGER service in Android and iOS and hopefully users will be excited to buy their devices.

Android and iOS users will be able to add and update their contacts through PIN, SMS, email or QR code scan. Android users will be with a benefit as they can use a harmonious NFC capable device.

Each Blackberry device is assigned a unique PIN which is considered as a contact number.BBM has more functionality. Really innovative updating on your phone, including screen share. When it will be launched in the market according to prospects its membership will grow quickly as many users are fond of the blackberry platform but left it as they switched to iOS devices.

Blackberry Messenger or BBM was one of the conventional immediate messaging on the smartphone. It allows user to call, text, video chat and share screens with other black berry users as it comes uploaded onto Blackberry devices. Blackberry group feature provides you with sharing up to 30BBM user’s calendar events, photos and many more.

As per the proceedings by the Blackberry it is noted that the services will be launched by the end of summer or beginning of winter.

It’s an opportunity for blackberry users to grab it as soon as it comes because it will be available free of cost.


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