Apple Watch – disappointing for the investors

What about the Apple Watch?

We already discussed the iPhone 6, but let’s talk a little about the other thing Apple launched on September 9th (2014). We are, of course, referring to Tim Cook’s “One more thing” moment. For those of you who didn’t watch Apple’s video, that was the moment when the company introduced us the new wearable technology called, simply Watch. Now, the one thing people truly thought they knew was the name. Who would have thought it’s not going to be called iWatch?


So what’s it good for?

Besides telling you what time it is, obviously, the Watch basically eliminates the need to pull out your phone every 5 minutes. It connects to your iPhone and gives you simplified apps, Facebook notifications, beaming messages and so on, all on your wrist.


Not very far from what we’ve seen in iPods, design-wise, the device comes in two sizes: 1.5” and 1.65”. We have three distinctive collections from Apple:

Watch – with stainless steel or space black stainless steel.

Watch Sport – with anodized aluminum cases in silver or space gray.

Watch Edition – with 18-karat gold cases in yellow or rose.


Although people have been expecting something new from Apple since the iPad was launched 4 years ago, the Watch seems to have disappointed the public and, most of all, the investors. Before the launch, the Cupertino shares rose slightly, but after the Watch was announced they dropped again, closing at $97.99, which was actually down 0.38%. One of the motives could be the bad timing, according to Gene Munster, equity analyst with Piper Jaffray. “There have been rumours that [Apple Watch] was going to be out at the beginning of next year, but Apple was a little bit vague on the timing. Investors just want more stuff earlier,” he said, as quoted by

Let us know what you think about the device.

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