Sam's biography – Founder of Phonegain.com

I was born and brought up in a middle class family and was the most admired child of my Dad among siblings (My dad is no more). I’m punctual and I appreciated for it many times in school/college and at work as well. I hate lazy guys who reach late to the work.

I'm a technology enthusiast/ tech blogger and love to write articles on latest mobile phones, smartphones, iOS, Android, Apps, Games and how to guides. I have been a tech blogger for more than 3 years. You may read my articles on this blog and share with your friends/colleagues in case you like them.

In childhood my Dad used to ask what I want to be when I grow up, I always told him that I want to join ARMY and become a soldier (FAUZI). I loved gun, cap, medals, soldier's attitude, passion to fight for our motherland. But my mom never wanted me to be a soldier, she wanted me to become either an Engineer or a Doctor. Destiny took me somewhere else!

I hope you like my blog and enjoy information shared.

About Phone Gain

Phonegain.com was started back in 2012 with a vision of helping out people by bringing in news and articles on latest mobile phones, tips & tutorial and how to guides. Here you will find interesting information on mobile phones, smartphones, operating systems, apps, games and other useful stuff.

If you have any suggestion or concern, please contact me through CONTACT US page.