5 great alternatives of SIRI for Android smartphone users

My fingers start paining after sometime when I need to type little much on my smartphone. It becomes headache to write text messages, emails or while chating with friends. I wish we had some alternative where my smartphone would recognise what I'm saying and type its own. This is what we used to think a few years back before Apple/Android revolutionised the world with great features added to every successor smartphone. There is lots of applications available which listens to you and type accordingly. However, its not about the applications which listens to you and type, we have every kind of application available which solves different purposes.

SIRI is one of the great feature for iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 users which recongnitions your voice and answers all the questions. Ask today's temperature, what day today is or which date/month/year you are currently in, SIRI would tell you. This voice recognition assistant is available just a click away on the iPhone 4S and iPhone5 smartphones. It is pretty sad that this feature isn't available for Android phone users, only the iPhone users can take advantage of it. Athough Android is a powerful operating system for the smart phones, but there is certain features/apps which are available for iOS only (Android have its own features as well which are not available for iOS users, so it balances). 

Although SIRI is not available for Android phone users, there is quite a few alternate apps available at Google Play that android users can install on their Andorid device and use it. Follwing is 5 great alternatives of SIRI for Android users.   

Jeannie – Jeannie is a great personal assistant which helps in get through your day. It recongnises your local langauge and act accordingly, you need not to remember phrases to control Jeannie. Either you want to e-mail your friend (specify NAME whom you want to send email to), call any friend from contact list, set alarms, reminders or listen to the music, it recognises you and do the task. It is available for free at Google Play having download counts increasing day by day. Till date Jeannie has several millions downloads.

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Speaktoit Assistant–  One of the best alternative of SIRI which reconises your language and do the said tasks quite efficiently. It not only understands english, it is trained to understand, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian and becoming ready to understand other languages as well. You can ask her to send emails, search websites, find answers from encyclopedias, set alarms and reminders, update facebook status, tweet, weather forecast, find places, read news, do the basic maths and much more. The list of tasks that Speaktoit Assistant can perform is pretty long ! so download it and findout yourself.


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Skyvi – With huge no. of downloads at Google Play, Skyvi stands top of my the list of SIRI alternatives. It recognises your voice and do the tasks you ask HER to perform. Ask her to update facebook status, tweet, get the news, get the weather forecast, get directions, call friends, play music, fun chat and or tell you jokes, SHE does it well.


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IRIS – IRIS is another great alternative to SIRI features with over 1 millions downloads at Google Play and still rising. IRIS can do all the tasks you ask it to perform, let it be a movie recommendation or any question on science, history. It requires you to have "Voice Search" and "TTS library" installed to your smartphone before it works perfectly, so check if your smartphone have it, if not get it. 


Robin – Yet another great SIRI alternative, "Robin, the SIRI challenger" helps you get through the day. It is your assistant to get information on local traffic and parking, update facebook status and tweet, get your gas price, tell weather conditions, set alarms and reminders, send text messages, call friends and much more. This great app is endorsed by TechCrunch, CNET, Wired, Lifehacker etc.

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